On The Page Below You Can Find Answers To The Real Estate Common Questions

First of all our clients always ask how quickly they can sell their real estate and what taxes and fees they have to pay, and if it is possible to sell a house that needs serious renovation, for instance. The professionals of our company are always happy to answer these important real estate questions:

Closing time varies generally between 7 to 20 business days from the time we’ve received a signed contract.

Of course we will purchase your house even if you still owe property taxes or have an unpaid mortgage. Our goal is to assist you in leaving the all-cash transaction feeling happy and relieved.

Currently no, we focus on buying houses in Atlanta, Ga and all across the state of Georgia and surrounding areas.

To receive offers on your property today, request a cash offer on our website or call our number. Once we get all the details of your house we will make a no-obligation cash offer. After accepting our offer, we will send you the contract and schedule a closing date as soon as possible. On the day of closing, you will walk away with money in your hands.

There will be no fees or hidden cost, we don’t take any commission unlike agents or realtors.

Buyers purchase residential properties that need lots of repairs. They will buy any house in “as is” condition and renovate them.

We are different, realtors will be listed on MLS in hopes of catching buyer’s attention. If you have the time to wait 6 – 12 months, realtors work too. However if you need a fast no-obligation cash offer contact us right away and we will save your time with the best offer.

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